ACOMC 2021

ACoMC is an annual conference held by the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, respond the issues of Management Challenges, Information Technology, and Global Risk Impacts on Economics and Business Education. As a response to the emerging challenges and changes of the post-pandemic era, this year's theme is Surviving COVID 19 Pandemic: Education and Business Strategic Empowerment as Key Factors in Revitalizing National Economic due to the COVID-19 global outbreakPrevious ACoMC sessions (2020) facilitated scholars in discussing the emerging issues around The Challenges of Covid-19 Disruption at Future Education and Manpower Planning due to the COVID-19 global outbreak. After almost two years of the pandemic, the world is preparing to face the post-pandemic stage, also known as the new normal era. The previous conferences have an impressive record of attendance and have attracted numerous international presenters and participants. The attendees have benefited enormously from the lively discussion and presentation sections conducted during the conference. Many ideas have been shared and brainstormed in the meetings. Accordingly, ACoMC continuously tries to invite scholars, practitioners, and students to respond to the issues.



"Assessment for Online Learning"


Prof. Tzu-Hua Wang, Ph.D.


National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan


"The Future of Technology-Assisted Learning”


Debra S. Lee


Law School, Vanderbilt University, United States

"Reviving Business Performances During the Pandemic"

Faculty of Business and Accountancy,

University of Malaya, Malaysia


"Changes in Customers Behavior After the Pandemic"


Dr. Ahmad Daryanto

Management School, Lancaster University, United Kingdom

"Economic Development: A Year Post-Pandemic Review"


Dr. Moon Moon Hussain

B.S. Abdur Rahman, Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, India

"Ethical Business and Management"


Prof. Setyabudi Indartono, Ph.D.

Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Conference Date: Saturday, October 15th-16th, 2021

Venue: Online by Zoom


Day 1

Day 2

Proceedings: (available to download from the link below)


  1. Jurnal Ekonomi dan Kebijakan (Jejak) - SINTA 2 (Publication Fee: IDR 1.000.000)
  2. Jurnal Pendidikan - SINTA 2 (Publication Fee: IDR 1.000.000)
  3. Jurnal Manajemen dan Pemasaran Jasa - SINTA 2 (Publication Fee: IDR 1.500.000)
  4. Efisiensi: Kajian Ilmu Administrasi - SINTA 3 (Publication Fee: IDR 0)
  5. Jurnal Ekonomi dan Pendidikan - SINTA 4 (Publication Fee: IDR 0)
  6. Hong Kong Journal of Social Sciences - Scopus Q4 (Publication Fee EUR 300-380)
  7. International Journal of Academic Research in Progressive Education and Development (IndexCopernicus) (Publication fee USD 50-75)
  8. Global Journal of Advanced Research (IndexCopernicus) (Publication Fee USD 55)
The organizer of ICEBESS only receive FULL PAPER submission
  • Full paper submission: September 27thOctober 9th, 2021 (extended)
  • Online Seminar date: October 15th-16th, 2021
Conference Fee: USD 25 ; Rp. 100.000,-
Proceeding Fees:
  • free - UNY students and lecturers
  • Rp50.000,-  university students (non UNY)
  • Rp100.000,-  lecturers/professionals (non UNY)